Meet the Commercial Team

The GrowGeneration Commercial Team is armed with industry leading professional consultants. Our team is here to help fully manage any size or scale project. We offer turnkey facility designs, cultivation room design, and on-site project consultation. Along with superior service capabilities, the Commercial Team is here to increase yields, lower production costs, and generally increase the efficiency of any commercial cultivation facility.

Our team is comprised of individuals that provide a unique set of skills and expertise to all of our clients. Each member has over 10 years of growing experience and knowledge, labeling them Growing Professionals or “GrowPros”. Together, this team has worked on over 2.7 million square feet of canopy space, and it continues to increase each day.

At GrowGeneration, we are proud to be a team of growing professionals and enthusiasts, committed to sharing our passion with others in our community.

Jeremy Corrao

VP of Growgeneration Management Corp.

Although cannabis has been a lifelong passion, Jeremy’s professional career started in 2004 when he and his wife opened a hydroponics retail store. With 6 years of prior cultivating experience and knowledge to offer their customers, the store was a success. It was bought out by a competitor that went on to build the largest hydroponics store on the East Coast. The company was acquired by GrowGeneration in 2018 and Jeremy became Vice President of GrowGeneration Management Corp. Jeremy’s vast experience, allows him to confidently consult in: facility designs (lighting, table layout, irrigation, facility work flow, HVAC, building management systems), advising on cultivation techniques, properly forecasting budget needs, and managing a team of knowledgeable staff across the country. Jeremy has worked on over 500,000 square feet of canopy space.

Jeremy lives his life as stated by A.J. Darkholme, “always hear others out and remain open-minded; the day you think you know everything is the day

Laurel Horne

Senior Commercial Operations Manager

Laurel Horne is the communicator/organizer for the “Grow-Pro Team” and overall customer service liaison for commercial customers. Her goal is to make sure all client’s needs are being met as effectively and efficiently as possible by all team members. Laurel does this by working to streamline all processes and procedures and then adjusting the course as needed with the feedback from the Grow Pros. She strives to empower the internal team by providing them with the resources they need and the confidence to move ahead in handling all their commercial customer’s needs. Laurel’s drive to find systematic approaches to solve problems and/or prevent them comes from owning and successfully managing two companies (Solar Seed Hydroponics and Fuel Fitness), and her athletic training background (Master of Science in athletic training).

Traveling, spending time with family, and loving her eight dogs are Laurel’s favorite things to do and what motivates her every day.

David Dudley

Commercial Operations Manager

David has worked in the hydroponics industry for about 8 years. He has helped manage and build multiple GrowGeneration stores, while working exclusively with commercial clients for almost 2 years. David originally broke into the industry at a small store in Tennessee and moved to Colorado in late 2014. He has been growing at various scales for about 13 years and managed approximately 4,000 square feet of canopy space.

David was born in the Northeast, and moved to the South, spending most of his time in Memphis, Tennessee until just about 5 years ago. In his spare time, he likes to go see live music, garden, and enjoy the natural beauty of Colorado. His family has a farm in Mississippi which he tries to visit as often as possible.

George Vasilopoulos

Senior Commercial Account Manager

George Vasilopoulos is 44 years old, born to Greek immigrant parents, and grew up in Chicago. He has over 23 years of cannabis growing experience and over 10 years of account management experience. George is the former owner of Ilios Garden Supply in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. George was also employed at One Love Garden Supply in Denver, Colorado as a store manager, and then moved on to Commercial Sales. Currently George’s commercial business accounts for more than 500,000 square feet of canopy space, along with over 1,000 acres of Hemp farms nationally.

He and his wife enjoy traveling and being at home with their two dogs, Bear and Roxi. They love to cook, host friends and family, and enjoy nature. Their love for live music is what originally brought them together. George has many friends and contacts in the music industry, specifically with bands that are or have been involved with the Grateful Dead, Phish, Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, Pretty Lights, and Widespread Panic.

Geoffrey Gorman

Commercial Account Manager

Geoffrey Gorman is an 11-year resident of Colorado who has an extensive background in cannabis cultivation, operations management, and sales. Before his time with GrowGeneration, Geoff was the operations manager and head grower for a local dispensary. After that, Geoff parlayed his experience into industrial cultivation, running 80,000 square feet of warehouse space and 50,000 square feet of greenhouse cultivation space. 6 years ago, Geoff became a private caretaker for medical cannabis patients and non-medical patients in states that didn’t recognize cannabis as medicine. As a private caretaker, he has treated individuals of all ages with a wide range of ailments from cancer to behavioral therapy. His recognition of the plant as medicine arrived long before his native area of New England.

Geoff’s hobbies include snowboarding and playing music, along with educating individuals about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and hemp.

Andrew Harling

Commercial Account Manager

Andrew Harling has been part of the GrowGeneration family since the spring of 2017. Today Andrew’s emphasis is on commercial sales and account management, along with new product development and R&D. Prior to coming on at GrowGeneration, Andrew spent time working as lead grower for a dispensary in Colorado Springs, and spent 6 years managing a large retail hydroponics shop. Over the past 20 years, Andrew has assisted in the construction of countless grows and has experimented with virtually every style of growing imaginable. As a grower, Andrew is particularly interested in hydroponics and has designed indoor grows with all sorts of automated watering and climate control systems. While working as a grower at a dispensary, he was responsible for maintaining all aspects of a grow with 100 flowering lights and 48 veg lamps, as well as handled cloning and propagation for the entire facility.

Andrew considers himself an avid gardener and in his spare time, he enjoys studying classical guitar and spending time with his family.

Don Burke

Commercial Account Manager

Don has a wealth of industry knowledge and has worked as the Director of Operations at Grand Traverse Compassionate Connection. Don has also spent time working as the Warehouse Manager and worked in inside sales at Biofloral USA and outside sales at Rambridge Wholesale. The bulk of Don’s industry experience has been in distribution. While at Rambridge Wholesale, Don led sales in the US with Gavita Lighting, and assisted in the designs and layouts of multiple large scale grow operations. Don has worked with well over 1 million sq. ft of canopy space, which continues to grow daily.

In his free time Don enjoys playing ice hockey with his son.

Karl Vollan

Commercial Account Manager

Karl Vollan has worked in the cannabis industry in one form or another most of his life. Prior to working for GrowGeneration, Karl operated and managed the Seattle location under its previous name, Seattle’s Hydro Spot, for five years. He has worked in a variety of jobs over his career, from commercial fisherman, to sea kayak guide, to various retail jobs. Karl has worked with cannabis cultivators of all sizes, from home hobbyists to large scale indoor cannabis facilities, as well as hemp farms. Karl studied sustainable agriculture in college, while working on commercial organic farms and earned a Master’s degree in 2007.

Karl was raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, as well as Honolulu, Hawaii and lived in Ankara, Turkey as a child.

Shantal Arguello

Commercial Account Manager

Shantel, or “Shaq”, is GrowGeneration’s Pueblo West Manager. She worked as a caretaker for 3 years under a local mentor before starting work at Pueblo Hydroponics in 2010, and has since worked under the GrowGeneration name for the past 4 years. Shaq now has 10 years of industry experience and over 10 years of growing expertise and knowledge. Based in Pueblo, Colorado, Shaq consults on many grows in the Southern Colorado region, from Walsenburg to Colorado Springs. Currently, she is working or helping service over 30 grows and dispensaries with over 80,000 sq. ft of canopy space.

She loves dogs, white wine, landscape and cloud photography, as well as thriller novels.

To the GrowGen team, a customer willing to spend his/her hard-earned money with us is a privilege and one that we take seriously. Our commitment is to reward the loyalty of our customers with an unbeatable selection of products, competitive prices, invaluable information and solutions, and an overall ease of shopping experience—whether online or offline—that places an emphasis on relationships and successful grow outcomes.