With harvest season just around the corner I get the same question, in one iteration or another. ”What the best trimming machine?” This is a very complicated question; mainly because every cultivation is unique. While one company may rave about their trimmer, another company down the road may despise the very same trimmer. How is this possible? Well, I can promise you the one variable that is constant in that scenario is the trimmer. Every grow has different needs, goals, capabilities, and challenges unique to itself. There is no one-size fits all trimmer solution. So, I decided to make this a little bit easier for you. After years of hands on experience with all the top trimmers on the market I have decided to compile a list of the best trimmers along with pros and cons to consider for each of them.

Best All Around Trimmer

The Twister T4 $7,838

The Twister T4 is by far the most versatile trimming machine on the market. With the capability of trimming 23 wet pounds per hour and 11 Dry pounds per hour. Stack 4 of them end to end, add a conveyor system and you are looking at 113 and 51 pounds per hour, respectively. The Twister T4 breaks down quickly for easy cleaning and maintenance. Couple all of this with the amazing and speedy customer support Twister is known for and the Twister T4 becomes the go to choose for any grower, large or small. Check out this video link on the T4: Twister T4 Video

Pros: Versatile, Modular Design, Great customer support, many upgrade options
Cons: Loud, proper cleaning requires special equipment.

Best Home Grow Trimmer

Trimmer Twister T6 $3,469

Like its big brothers the T4 and T2, the Twister T6 is a versatile and reliable trimmer for those small home growers that don’t want to waste their evenings trimming. I have countless stories of the elderly and injured veterans saying this machine changed their life because now they didn’t have to suffer through the laborious task of hand trimming their much-needed medication. At under $4,000 this little machine can still pump out 20 wet pounds per hour and 4 dry pounds per hour.

Pros: Compact, Inexpensive, Versatile, Great Customer Service
Cons: Prone to overheating if ran for too long.

Rookie of the Year

The Twister Batch One $18,506

Mark my words. The Twister Batch One will be the hottest trimmer of outdoor season and 2021. That is why I stocked all 27 of our stores with them. If you grow large quantities of healthy bodied flower and have the room to hang dry it; then you have exactly what the Batch One is looking for. The Batch One is capable of swallowing 15 dry pounds per load, giving the user up to 90 dry pounds of nearly finished flower every hour. The machine is Twister’s first vacuum-less machine so its whisper quiet and can be operated by a single user. The Batch One is the ultimate solution for large cultivations that have had to reduce labor forces due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Take a look at this video we shot on the Batch One: BatchOne Video

Pros: High Volume, Quiet, Single Operator Use
Cons: Narrow Moisture Window, Requires 3+lbs per load

Honorable Mention – Hemp Trimmer

The Centurion 3.0 $19,995

The Centurion 3.0 is a tank of a machine. Built to handle bails of hemp at a time this machine can trim smokable hemp faster than you can cut it down. This triple barreled machine can process 200 wet pounds an hour and 40 dry pounds an hour. Now we all know how you hemp farmers work. You bring it down by the truckload and run these machines all hours of the night. Don’t worry, you’re not going to hurt the Centurion 3.0 trimmer. As I said before this machine is a tank!

Pros: Durable, High Volume, Compact
Cons: Warranty Replacements Can take several days.

Honorable Mention – Gentle Trimmer

The Green Broz Model M $16,995

Big things come in small packages. Some of the best flower I’ve ever smoked came from small batch boutique grows. If you grow absolute fire and want to make angel golden extractions from your trim; look no further than the Green Broz Model M. With its surgical steal…. I could go on about the trimmer but just check out this video we did on the Model M: GreenBroz Model M With a zero-drop design and no vacuum system the Model M can gently trim 12 dry pounds per hour. For home growers with lower yields per strain the Green Broz 215 Dry Trimmer is the perfect small batch dry trimmer.

Pros: Easy to Clean, Gentle, All Stainless Steel
Cons: Narrow Moisture Window for Ideal Operation