Product Collections


Harvest like a Grow Pro with gathering accessories such as gloves, pruners/shears, trimmers, pollen bags, drying racks, jars, storage bags and more.

Soils & Mediums

Set a strong foundation and select the right Grow Pro grow medium for your specific grow operation, organic or otherwise: Soils, rockwools, synthetics, mixed soilless solutions and more.

Containers & Trays

No matter the medium nor growing application, we stock the Grow Pro pots or containers that are best for you, with a variety of versatile materials, sizes, root systems and more.

Pest & Disease Control

Protect your plants and overall yield with the best Grow Pro interior and exterior defenses against insect infestations, algae and bacteria and more.

Nutrients & Additives

Feed your plants like a true Grow Pro. We feature a broad selection of the finest primary and secondary plant nutrients and supplements available today.


Everything you need to design your Grow Pro hydroponic system: Aeroponics, drip watering, water culture, ebb and flow, self-watering and more, plus all accessories.

Grow Lights

Build your own optimal Grow Pro hydroponic lighting solution with our vast selection of grow lights—LED, induction, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, plasma and more—plus all the ballasts, movers, hangers, strips, meters you'll need and more.

Fans & Ventilation

Ensure the ideal Grow Pro temperature and a thriving environment for your plants with a complete selection of centrifugal fans, inline fans, duct boosters, axial fans, mixed-fans and more, plus all the controls you need to stay in control.

Cloning & Propagation

Start off like a Grow Pro with the clone systems, solutions, gels, starting mediums and other accessories that the pros use.